Sweeping time(min) 100-220 Water Tank Capacity(ml) 250 LDS anti-collision sensor 3
Sweeping area(m2 ≤250 APP TY HOME Laser cover anti-collision sensor 3
Charging time(min) 300-360min Anti-collision mechanical sensor 1 LDS ranging sensor 1
Operation Noise(db) ≤70 Recharge infrared sensor 4 Boundary sensor 4
Operation speed(mm/s) ≤0.3m/s 6-axis gyroscope 1 Suspension sensor 2
Climbing ability (centimeters) 2 Fan speed sensor 1  2 in 1 Water tank detection sensor 1
Rpm of fan motor(r/min) 15000±10% Wall detection infrared sensor 1 Battery Type Lithium
Suction power(pa) 2700 Drive wheel speed sensor 2 Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Support Cloth type Full wet
Disposable cloth
Fan Motor Nidec brushless Output voltage 14.4V
Dust Box Volume(ml) 300 Mop bracket detection sensor 1  Charging voltage DC24V
With Multi-level Mapping, Multiple scheduled cleaning, Carpet pressurization, Selective Room Cleaning, Setting Virtual Barrier/ Zones in App,

Y-Mopping Integrated mopping & vacuuming, Customized Room Water Volume and Suction, No-mop Zones, Top-Up Charging, LDS Laser Navigation, Mopping Function, Voice Pack.

  • Back suction automatic dust collection, precise and seamless docking
  • Short dust collection duct is efficient and does not block
  • APP dust full instructions intimate reminder
  • High-precision LDS navigation map is accurate without getting lost
  • Sweep and mop can easily collect dust

All information of above table is just for reference only.

*Due to continuous product development, the outlook and specification may vary slightly from the actual product.