Product Categories

  • Tower Fan

    Tower Fan

  • Super Slim Tower Fan Series – Mod. No.: ST-01M

    Super Slim Tower Fan

  • 2 in 1 Mist Cooling Tower Fan Series – Mod. No.: CF-H33R(Electronic)

    Mist Fan

  • Trim-style Tower Fan

    Trim-style Tower Fan

  • Twin & Triple Turbo Fan

    Twin & Triple Turbo Fan

  • Multi-Directional Fan

    Multi-Directional Fan

  • 12 inches Air Circulator Fan series – Mod. No.: WG-M12

    Air Circulator Fan

  • Box Fan

    Box Fan

  • Personal Fan

    Personal Fan

  • Food Sealer

    Food Sealer

  • Heater


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Manufacturer of electrical products
Xinhua  Electrical Appliance Limited

Our Factory, Foshan Nanhai Xinhua Electrical Appliance Limited Established in 1999, Foshan Nanhai Xinhua Electrical Appliance Limited (previously: Nanhai Xun Yang Co. Ltd) is located in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company has an overseas export office, Xinhua Electrical Appliance Limited, in Hong Kong, which is mainly responsible for exporting manufactured electrical products, contacting overseas and Hong Kong clients, promotions and sales, shipping and logistics, etc. The company also engages in OEM and ODM design and development. Our quality products and professional services meet the diverse needs of different clients. The company counts among its clients Fortune Global 500 companies, and can be said to be a hidden champion in professional tower fan manufacturing domestically.

As a high-tech enterprise, Xinhua has strong, professional R&D and design teams. The company has independently researched and developed smart household electrical products including tower fans, mist cooling fan, heaters, clothing care systems, humidifiers and vacuum food sealer, etc. Xinhua is the preferred brand for domestic and international consumers.

The company’s manufacturing base covers an area of more than 55,000 square meters, and currently houses five production workshops: motors, electronics, molding, injection molding, and assembly. It has leading professional automation equipment for medium and large household appliances, as well as perfect quality and engineering inspection systems to ensure product safety.

Xinhua will continue to uphold the principles of “conquering the market with quality products, and winning trust through professionalism”. The company will focus on continuous innovation and smart manufacturing to become a world-renowned brand in the smart home industry.

Our edge: More than 20 years’ experience in the electrical business and providing customers with the most cost-competitive, quality products.

Manufacturer of motors
Motor Workshop

“ Not only production of Electrical Fans, Heaters, Humidifiers, Small Kitchen Appliances, but also Xinhua is renowned AC motor manufacturer. 

Our AC motors are widely used in household appliances and some industrial application. The motors are mainly for domestic and foreign customers that export to worldwide such as US, South America countries, Europe and other countries. We are able to do the “tailor made” electric motors according to different customers’ requirements. ODM & OEM motor are welcome too.

Our factory has a large number of automated production equipment such as automatic wiring machines, automatic vanishing machines, riveting machines……etc. All of motors are 100% full inspection to ensure high quality before shipment.  

Our factory based manufacturing facilities have the capacity to manufacture over 650,000 pcs motor monthly. We work hard in developing high-tech products in order to meet the different requirement of the products, customers’ satisfaction is our forever pursuit.”